Alleged images of Sony Xperia XZ3 are here with a single camera and no notch

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Rumors are circulating that Sony intends to launch the Sony Xperia XZ3 at IFA next week. This is notable because the Sony Xperia XZ2 launched in February of this year, which means the XZ3 would be coming out pretty early.


Whether or not that rumor is true we don’t know, but a new image reportedly of the Sony Xperia XZ3 just hit the internet via My Smart Price, which certainly suggests that an announcement of the device is imminent.

There’s only one image of the device that leaked, but it gives us a pretty good look at both the front and back of the smartphone, assuming the images are legit. See for yourself below:

A leaked image reportedly of the Sony Xperia XZ3.My Smart Price

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s only one camera lens on the back. Not only does this buck the current trend of manufacturers putting two (or sometimes even three) lenses on the back of smartphones, but it also would be a backpedal for Sony since the Xperia XZ2 Premium has a dual-lens setup.

However, Google has proven that having only one lens is just fine with its line of Pixel devices, and in fact can produce incredible photos and videos if done the right way. So maybe going with only a single lens isn’t so wild after all.

The next thing you might notice is the extra button on the right of the device way at the bottom. This would most likely be a dedicated camera button that will either launch the camera app or take a photo, depending on the state of the phone at the time.

You’ll also see that Sony is apparently bucking another industry trend by not including a display notch on this alleged Xperia XZ3. That will certainly make many Android fans happy, as the notch is probably one of the most disliked design features in smartphone history.

Finally, you can see the NFC logo on the back of the device right next to some sort of sensor. That obviously suggests the device will come with an NFC chip, which isn’t too surprising.

What do you think? Is this the Sony Xperia XZ3, or is it a well-done fake? Let us know in the comments!