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The first two Nintendo Labo kits offered two very different takes on what was – and still is – a groundbreaking concept. The Variety Kit allowed you to create a whole host of gadgets each backed by their own interactive experiences, while the Robot Kithad a sharper focus and arguably presented a more solid ‘game’ setup. Now, the third kit is here and neatly fuses these two approaches in what is arguably the most ‘complete’ Labo offering yet – but one that comes with its own unfortunate limitations.

As before, your Labo kit is shipped on flat-packed sheets of cardboard, and step-by-step instructions are given on how to build each element. Just as was the case with kits 1 and 2, these 3D instructions – which are fully interactive and can be paused, rewound and fast-forwarded at your leisure – are superbly written and incredibly easy to understand; goodness knows how much time and effort when into creating them, but they’re excellent. We also appreciate that the music which plays during these tutorials feels like it was taken from a lost Seinfeld episode.