Download A Course In Digital Signal Processing By Boazporat

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This book is a text on digital signal processing, at a senior or first-year-graduate level. My purpose in writing it was to provide the reader with a precise, broad, practical, up-to-date exposition of digital signal processing. Accordingly, this book presents DSP theory in a rigorous fashion, contains a wealth of material-some not commonly found in general DSP texts, makes extensive use of MATLAB software, and describes numerous state-of-the-art applications of DSP. My students often ask me, at the first session of an undergraduate DSP course that I teach: “Is the course mathematical, or is it useful?” to which I answer: “It is both.” To convince yourself that DSP is mathematical, take a moment to flip through the pages of this book. See? To convince yourself that DSP is useful, consider your favorite CD music recordings; your cellular phone; the pictures and sound you get on your computer when you connect to the Internet or use your multimedia CD-ROM software; the electronic medical instruments you might see in hospitals; radar systems used for air traffic control and for meteorology; the digital television you may have in the near future. All these rely to some extent on digital signal processing. What does this book have to offer that other DSP texts don’t? There is only one honest answer: my personal perspective on the subject and on the way it should be taught. So, here is my personal perspective, as it is reflected in the book.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2 Review of Frequency-Domain Analysis
Chapter No 3 Sampling and Reconstruction
Chapter No 4 The Discrete Fourier Transform
Chapter No 5 The Fast Fourier Transform
Chapter No 6 Practical Spectral Analysis
Chapter No 7 Review of z-Transforms and Difference Equations
Chapter No 8 Introduction to Digital Filters
Chapter No 9 Finite Impulse Response Filters
Chapter No 10 Infinite Impulse Response Filters
Chapter No 11 Digital Filter Realization and Implementation
Chapter No 12 Multirate Signal Processing
Chapter No 13 Analysis and Modeling of Random Signals
Chapter No 14 Digital Signal Processing Applications