Download Adaptive Filtering Primer With MATLAB By Alexander D. Poularikas And Zayed M. Ramadan

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This book is for the applied scientist and engineer who wants or need to learn about a subject but is not an expert in the field, it is also written to accompany a first graduate course in digital signal processing. In this book we have selected the field of adaptive filtering which is an important part of statistical signal processing. The adaptive filters have found use in many diverse fields such as   communications control radars. sonar, seismology.

Table Of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2 Discrete Time Signal Processing
Chapter No 3 Random Variables Sequences And Stochastic Processing
Chapter No 4 Wiener Filters
Chapter No 5 Eigenvalues Of R Properties Of The Error Surface
Chapter No 6 Newton And Steepest Descents Methods
Chapter No 7 The Last Mean Square Descent Method
Chapter No 8 Variations Of LMS Algorithms
Chapter No 9 Least Squares And Recursive Least Square