Download Antenna Engineering Handbook Third Edition by Richard C. Johnson

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Recently reexamined and refreshed, this top of the line reference gives the basic standards, techniques, and information expected to take care of the building issues that emerge in reception apparatus outline and application. A variety of driving specialists from RCA, Raytheon, Logical Atlantic, and other real firms makes it the most definitive a to z gathering of cutting edge data accessible. Anybody required with reception apparatuses will be an excited client for this refreshed great. Specialists will utilize it to better comprehend the recieving wires they work with. Starting specialists will need its illustrative material and outline information. Experienced architects will utilize it as their essential wellspring of plan information. Senior specialists will utilize the Handbook to get up to speed on new radio wires and applications. What’s more, plan specialists will discover thoughts to take care of new and troublesome issues.

Table of Content

Chapter No 1 Introduction to Antennas.
Chapter No2 Fundamentals of Antennas.
Chapter No 3 Arrays of Discrete Elements.
Chapter No 4 Dipoles and Monopoles.
Chapter No 5 Loop Antennas
Chapter No 6 Small Antennas.
Chapter No 7 Microstrip Antennas.
Chapter No 8 Slot Antennas.
Chapter No 9 Slot-Antenna Arrays
Chapter No 10 Leaky-Wave Antennas.
Chapter No 11 Long-Wire Antennas.
Chapter No 12 Surface-Wave Antennas and Surface-Wave Excited Arrays.
Chapter No 13 Helical Antennas.
Chapter No 14 Frequency-Independent Antennas.
Chapter No 15 Horn Antennas.
Chapter No 16 Lens Antennas
Chapter No 17 Reflector Antennas.
Chapter No 18 Feeds for Lenses and Reflectors.
Chapter No 19 Electromechanical Scanning Antennas.
Chapter No 20 Frequency-Scan Antennas.
Chapter No 21 Phased Arrays.
Chapter No 22 Conformal and Low-Profile Arrays.
Chapter No 23 Adaptive Antennas.
Chapter No 24 Methods of Polarization Synthesis.
Chapter No 25 Low-Frequency Antennas.
Chapter No 26 Medium-Frequency Broadcast Antennas.
Chapter No 27 High-Frequency Antennas.
Chapter No 28 VHF and UHF Communications Antennas.
Chapter No 29 TV and FM Transmitting Antennas.
Chapter No 30 Materials and Design Data