Download Arduino Robotics By John-David, Warren Josh and Adams Harald Molle

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This book was composed for anybody keen on adapting more about the Arduino and mechanical technology when all is said in done. Despite the fact that a few activities are designed for undergrads and grown-ups, a few early parts cover mechanical autonomy ventures appropriate for center school to secondary school understudies. I won’t, nonetheless, put an age confinement on the material in this book, since I have seen some totally magnificent undertakings made by producers both youthful and old.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1: The Basics
Chapter No 2: Arduino for Robotics
Chapter No 3: Let’s Get Moving
 Chapter No 4: Linus the Line-Bot
Chapter No 5: Wally the Wall-Bot
Chapter No 6: Making PCBs
Chapter No 7: The Bug-Bot
 Chapter No 8: Explorer-Bot
Chapter No 9: RoboBoat
Chapter No 10: Lawn-Bot 400
Chapter No 11: The Seg-Bot
Chapter No 12: The Battle-Bot
Chapter No 13: Alternate Control