Download CMOS Circuit Design Layout and Simulation Second Edition By R. Jacob Baker

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For the last 25 years CMOS technology has been the determine technology  for fabricating  integrated circuit for the next 25 years CMOS will no doubt continue to be the dominant integrated circuit technology .this is books helps the student to understand the different integrated circuits and how they work and their functions.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction To Ccoms DESIGN
Chapter No 2 The Metal Layers
Chapter No 3 The Well
Chapter No 4 The Active And Poly Layers
Chapter No 5 Resistor, Capacitors MOSFGET’S
CHAPTER NO 6 CMOS Fabrications
Chapter No 7 MOSFET Operations
Chapter No 8 Electrical Noise  And Overview
Chapter No 9 Models For Analog Design
Chapter No 10 Models For Digital Design