Download Control System Engineering By I.J Nagrath M. Gopal

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This book gives a coordinated treatment of persistent time and discrete-time frameworks. It stresses the interdisciplinary idea of the subject and cases have been drawn from different building controls to show the essential framework ideas. Specifically, the book manages the displaying of useful frameworks including different equipment. Time and recurrence area methods of the investigation and plan of control frameworks have been talked about finally. Comprising of 16 sections, this new release has been enhanced by the expansion of various true cases, and by the incorporation of PID controller plan, a correlation table of long/lead compensators, mechanical OPAMP repaying systems and an outline illustration utilizing root-locus strategy. Control Frameworks Designing 5e’ is a remarkable reading material which can be utilized at cutting edge undergrad or post graduate level on assorted courses inside the wide extent of building and will be an esteemed expansion to any building library.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2 Mathematical Model of Physical Systems
Chapter No 3 Feedback Characteristics of Control Systems
Chapter No 4 Control Systems and Components
Chapter No 5 Time Response Analysis, Design Specifications and Performance Indices
Chapter No 6 Concepts of Stability and Algebraic Criteria
Chapter No 7 The root locus technique
Chapter No 8 Frequency response analysis
Chapter No 9 Stability in frequency Domain
Chapter No 10 Introduction to design
Chapter No 11 Digital Control Systems
Chapter No 12 State Variable analysis and design
Chapter No 13 Lyapunov’s Stability Analysis
Chapter No 14 Optical Control Systems
Chapter No 15 Advances in control Systems