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The contents of this book show how to code algorithms in high level languages in a way that facilitates their subsequent mapping on hardware specific platforms. The book covers issues in implementing algorithms using fixed point format. The ultimate conversion of algorithms developed in double precision floating point format to fixed point is a critical design stage in system implementation. The conversion not only requires simple translation but in many cases also requires the designer to explore other structural options for mitigating quantization effects of fixed point implementation. Many commercially available system design and simulation tools provide support for fixed point conversion and simulation. The MATLAB fixed point toolbox and utilities are important, and so is the support extended for fixed point arithmetic in other high-level description languages such as System.

 The issues of overflow, saturation, truncation and rounding are critical. The normalization and block floating point option to optimize implementation should also be learnt. Chapter 3 covers all these issues and demonstrates the methodology with examples. The next step in system design is to perform HW SW partitioning. Usually this decision is made by an experienced designer. Chapters 1 and 3 give broad rules that help the designer to make this decision. The portion that is set aside for mapping in hardware is then explored for several architectural design options. Different ways of representing algorithms and their coding in MATLAB are covered in Chapter 4. The chapter also c

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Overview

Chapter No 2 Using a Hardware Description Language

Chapter No 3 System Design Flow and Fixed-point Arithmetic

Chapter No 4 Mapping on Fully Dedicated Architecture

Chapter No 5 Design Options for Basic Building Blocks

Chapter No 6 Multiplier-less Multiplication by Constants

Chapter No 7 Pipelining, Retiming, Look-ahead Transformation and Polyphase Decomposition

Chapter No 8 Unfolding and Folding of Architectures

Chapter No 9 Designs based on Finite State Machines

Chapter No 10 Micro-programmed State Machines

Chapter No 11 Micro-programmed Adaptive Filtering Applications

Chapter No 12 CORDIC-based DDFS Architectures

Chapter No 13 Digital Design of Communication Systems

Digital Design Of Signal Processing Systems A Practical Approach By Shoab Ahmed Khan