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The sixth edition of this worldwide used textbook was thoroughly revised and extended. Throughout the whole text you will find numerous improvements, extensions, and updates. Above all, I would like to draw your attention to two major changes. Firstly, the whole textbook is now clearly partitioned into basic and advanced material in order to cope with the ever-increasing field of digital image processing. The most important equations are put into framed boxes. The advanced sections are located in the second part of each chapter and are marked by italic headlines and by a smaller typeface. In this way, you can first work your way through the basic principles of digital image processing without getting overwhelmed by the wealth of the material. You can extend your studies later to selected topics of interest.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Applications and Tools
Chapter No 2 Image Representation
Chapter No 3 Random Variables and Fields
Chapter No 4 Neighborhood Operations
Chapter No 5 Multiscale Representation
Chapter No 6 Quantitative Visualization
Chapter No 7 Image Formation
Chapter No 8 3-D Imaging
Chapter No 9 Digitization, Sampling, Quantization
Chapter No 10 Pixel Processing
Chapter No 11 Averaging
Chapter No 12 Edges
Chapter No 13 Simple Neighborhoods
Chapter No 14 Motion
Chapter No 15 Texture
Chapter No 16 Segmentation
Chapter No 17 Regularization and Modeling
Chapter No 18 Morphology
Chapter No 19 Shape Presentation and Analysis
Chapter No 20 Classification

Download Digital Image Processing 6th revised and extended edition By Bernd Jähne