Download Digital Image Processing Concepts Algorithms and Scientific Applications Second Edition By Bernd Jahne

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Digital image processing is a fascinating subject in several aspects. Human beings perceive most of the information about their environment through their visual sense. While for a long-time images could only be captured by photography, we are now at the edge of another technological revolution which allows image data to be captured, manipulated, and evaluated electronically with computers. With breathtaking pace, computers are becoming more powerful and at the same time less expensive, so that widespread applications for digital image processing emerge. In this way, image processing is becoming a tremendous tool to analyze image data in all areas of natural science. For more and more scientist’s digital image processing will be the key to study complex scientific problems they could not have dreamed to tackle only a few years ago. A door is opening for new interdisciplinary cooperation’s merging computer science with the corresponding research areas.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2 Image Formation and Digitization
Chapter No 3 Space and Wave Number Domain
Chapter No 4 Pixels
Chapter No 5 Neighborhoods
Chapter No 6 Mean and Edges
Chapter No 7 Local Orientation
Chapter No 8 Scales
Chapter No 9 Texture
Chapter No 10 Segmentation
Chapter No 11 Shape
Chapter No 12 Classification
Chapter No 13 Reconstruction from Projections
Chapter No 14 Motion
Chapter No 15 Displacement Vectors
Chapter No 16 Displacement Vector Fields
Chapter No 17 Space-Time Images