Download Digital Power Electronics and Applications By Fang Lin Luo Hong Ye and Muhammad Rashid

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The purpose of this book is to provide a theory of Digital Power Electronics and its applications. It is well organized in 400 pages and over 300 diagrams. Traditionally, Power Electronics is analyzed by the analog control theory. For over a century, people have enjoyed analog control in Power Electronics, and good results in the analog control and its applications in Power Electronics mislead people into an incorrect conclusion that Power Electronics must be in analog control scheme. The mature control results allowed people to think that Power Electronics is a sunset knowledge. We would like to change these incorrect conclusions, and confer new life onto the traditional Power Electronics. In this book the authors initially introduce the digital control theory applied to Power Electronics, which is completely different from the traditional control scheme. Power Electronics supplies electrical energy from its source to its users. It is of vital importance to all of industry as well as the general public – just as the air that we breathe and water that we drink are taken for granted, until they are no longer available, so it is with Power Electronics. Therefore, we have to carefully investigate Power Electronics. Energy conversion technique is the main focus of Power Electronics. DC and AC motor drive systems convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa. The corresponding equipment that drives DC and AC motors can be divided into four groups:

  • AC/DC rectifiers;

  • DC/AC inverters;

  • DC/DC converters;

  • AC/AC (AC/DC/AC) converters.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2. Energy Factor (EF) and Sub-sequential Parameters
Chapter No 3. Basic Mathematics of Digital Control Systems
Chapter No 4. Mathematical Modeling of Digital Power Electronics
Chapter No 5. Digitally Controlled AC/DC Rectifiers
Chapter No 6. Digitally Controlled DC/AC Inverters
Chapter No 7. Digitally Controlled DC/DC Converters
Chapter No 8. Digitally Controlled AC/AC Converters
Chapter No 9. Open-loop Control for Digital Power Electronics
Chapter No 10. Closed-Loop Control for Digital Power Electronics
Chapter No 11. Energy Factor Application in AC and DC Motor Drives
Chapter No 12. Applications in Other Branches of Power Electronics