Download DTV The Revolution in Digital Video Third Edition By Jerry C. Whitaker

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DTV and more importantly, HDTV are on the air. Stations coast-to-coast are broadcasting regular HDTV programming and beginning to fashion new business strategies made possible by this new technology. While broadcasters are the most visible early adopters of DTV, many other industries are gearing up and—indeed—are already making commercials, television programs, and motion pictures using HDTV equipment made possible by the ATSC DTV standard. Put side-by-side, the breadth of the HDTV applications now finding commercial success is staggering from NASA to postproduction to medical imaging. This is an exciting time for video professionals and for consumers. Our new digital television system, the product of more than a decade of work by scientists and engineers around the world, is on the air. It works. It makes beautiful pictures. It provides capabilities never before possible. Indeed, the ATSC DTV system offers features thought to be little more than fantasy just 10 years ago. In the course of preparing this third edition, I am discussing the status of DTV implementation with a number of television station engineers working to put their digital signals on the air. The word from the trenches was that implementation problems are common. Some stations are running into tower licensing roadblocks. Others have horror stories to tell about the difficulties they have found in interfacing new digital gear and getting it to work. Still others are baffled by the abundance of scanning formats. These are, of course, all important issues. But, in the greater scheme of things, I’ve got to say they’re just details. Important details to be sure. But just details. The launch of every new technology has been fraught with growing pains.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Road to DTV
Chapter 2: Applications for HDTV
Chapter 3: Fundamental Imaging System Principles
Chapter 4: Digital Coding of Video Signals
Chapter 5: Video and Audio Compression
Chapter 6: High-Definition Production Systems
Chapter 7: DTV Audio Encoding and Decoding
Chapter 8. The ATSC DTV System
Chapter 9: DTV Transmission Issues
Chapter 10. Receiver Systems and Display Devices
Chapter 11: The DVB Standard
Chapter 12: Video Measurement Techniques
Chapter 13:DTV Implementation Issues
Chapter 14: Glossary
Chapter 15: Reference Documents