Download Electrical Electronics And Digital Hardware Essentials For Scientists And Engineers by Ed Lipiansky

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For several years I taught an introductory analog and digital essentials course for the University of California Extensions at Berkeley and Santa Cruz. Teaching there motivated me to put together, under one cover, a textbook that contains fundamentals of electrical, electronics, analog, and digital circuits. That is the reason for the word “essentials” in the title. There are not that many books in the market that try to accomplish this task in about 600 pages. The book is divided into 10 chapters. It is useful for surveys of electrical and electronics courses, for college students as well as practicing scientists and engineers; it is also useful for introductory circuit courses at the undergraduate level. The book provides many examples from beginning to end. Within the examples, specific components part numbers were avoided to prevent this book from becoming obsolete. The book can be used by students who have some to no previous knowledge of the material, and for graduate-level and working professionals’ circuit courses. The prerequisites for using this book are freshman-level calculus and algebra. Nevertheless, the level of math needed is quite light. The book is a gentle introduction to electrical and electronic circuit analysis with many examples.

 Table of contents

Chapter No 1 From the Bottom Up: Voltages, Currents, and Electrical Components
Chapter No 2 Alternating Current Circuits
Chapter No 3 Circuit Theorems and Methods of Circuit Analysis
Chapter No 4 First- and Second-Order Circuits under Sinusoidal and Step Excitations
Chapter No 5 The Operational Amplifier as a Circuit Element
Chapter No 6 Electronic Devices: Diodes, BJTs, and MOSFETs
Chapter No 7 Combinational Circuits
Chapter No 8 Digital Design Building Blocks and More Advanced Combinational Circuits
Chapter No 9 Sequential Logic and State Machines
Chapter No 10 A Simple CPU Design