Download Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory Eleventh Edition By Robert L. Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky

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The preparation of the preface for the 11th edition resulted in a bit of reflection on the 40 years since the first edition was published in 1972 by two young educators eager to test their ability to improve on the available literature on electronic devices. Although one may prefer the term semiconductor devices rather than electronic devices, the first edition was almost exclusively a survey of vacuum-tube devices—a subject without a single section in the new Table of Contents. The change from tubes to predominantly semiconductor devices took almost five editions, but today it is simply referenced in some sections. It is interesting, however, that when field-effect transistor (FET) devices surfaced in earnest, many the analysis techniques used for tubes could be applied because of the similarities in the ac equivalent models of each device.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Semiconductor Diodes
Chapter 2: Diode Applications
Chapter 3: Bipolar Junction Transistors 
Chapter 4: Dc Biasing Bjts
Chapter 5: Bjt Ac Analysis
Chapter 6: Field Effect Transistors
Chapter 7: Fet Biasing
Chapter 8: Fet Amplifiers
Chapter 9: Bjt And Jfet Frequency Response
Chapter 10: Operational Amplifiers
Chapter 11: Op-Amp Applications
Chapter 12: Power Amplifiers 
Chapter 13: Linear-Digital Ics
Chapter 14: Feedback And Oscillator Circuits
Chapter 15: Power Supplies (Voltage Regulators)
Chapter 16: Other Two-Terminal Devices
Chapter 17: Pnpn And Other Devices