Download Electronic Devices And Circuit Theory Seventh Edition By Robert Boylestad And Louis Nashelsky

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It is now some 50 years since the first transistor was introduced on December 23, 1947. For those of us who experienced the change from glass envelope tubes to the solid-state era, it still seems like a few short years ago. The first edition of this text contained heavy coverage of tubes, with succeeding editions involving the important decision of how much coverage should be dedicated to tubes and how much to semiconductor devices. It no longer seems valid to mention tubes at all or to compare the advantages of one over the other—we are firmly in the solid-state era.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Semiconductor Diodes

Chapter No 2 Diode Applications

Chapter No 3 Bipolar Junction Transistors

Chapter No 4 Dc Biasing—Bjts

Chapter No 5 Field-Effect Transistors

Chapter No 6 Fet Biasing

Chapter No 7 Bjt Transistor Modeling

Chapter No 8 Bjt Small-Signal Analysis

Chapter No 9 Fet Small-Signal Analysis

Chapter No 10 Systems Approach— Effects Of Rs And Rl

Chapter No 11 Bjt And Jfet Frequency Response

Chapter No 12 Compound Configurations

Chapter No 13 Discrete And Ic Manufacturing Techniques

Chapter No 14 Operational Amplifiers

Chapter No 15 Op-Amp Applications

Chapter No 16 Power Amplifiers

Chapter No 17 Linear-Digital Ics

Chapter No 18 Feedback And Oscillator Circuits

Chapter No 19 Power Supplies (Voltage Regulators)

Chapter No 20 Other Two-Terminal Devices

Chapter No 21pnpn And Other Devices

Chapter No 22 Oscilloscope And Other Measuring Instruments