Download Electronic Devices And Circuits Second Edition By Jimmie J. Cathey

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This book is designed to supplement the text for a first course in electronic circuits for engineers. It will also serve as a refresher for those who have previously taken a course in electronic circuits. Engineering students enrolled in a nonmajors’ survey course on electronic circuits will find that portions of Chapters 1 to 7 offer a valuable supplement to their study. Each chapter contains a brief review of pertinent topics along with governing equations and laws, with examples inserted to immediately clarify and emphasize principles as introduced. As in other Schaum’s Outlines, primary emphasis is on the solution of problems; to this end, over 350 solved problems are presented.

Three principal changes are introduced in the second edition. SPICE method solutions are presented for numerous problems to better correlate the material with current college class methods. The first edition Chapter 13 entitled ‘‘Vacuum Tubes’’ has been eliminated. However, the material from that chapter relating to triode vacuum tubes has been dispersed into Chapters 4 and 7. A new Chapter 10 entitled ‘‘Switched Mode Power Supplies’’ has been added to give the reader exposure to this important technology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Circuit Analysis: Port Point Of View

Chapter 2 Semiconductor Diodes

Chapter 3 Characteristics Of Bipolar Junction Transistors

Chapter 4 Characteristics Of Field-Effect Transistors And Triodes

Chapter 5 Transistor Bias Considerations

Chapter 6 Small-Signal Mid frequency Bjt Amplifier

Chapter 7 Small-Signal Mid frequency Fet And Triode Amplifiers

Chapter 8 Frequency Effects In Amplifiers

Chapter 9 Operational Amplifiers

Chapter 10 Switched Mode Power Supplies