Download Fundamentals Of Electric Circuit By Charles K. Alexander And Matthew N.O. Sadiku

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Alexander and Sadiku’s fifth version of Fundamentals of Electric Circuits proceeds in the soul of its effective past releases, with the target of exhibiting circuit examination in a way that is clearer, all the more intriguing, and less demanding to comprehend than other, more conventional writings. Understudies are acquainted with the sound, six-advance critical thinking approach in part one, and are reliably made to apply and hone these means by and by issues and homework issues all through the content. An adjust of hypothesis, worked cases and expanded illustrations, rehearse issues, and genuine applications, joined with more than 468 new or changed homework issues for the fifth release and strong media offerings, renders the fifth version the most thorough and understudy neighborly way to deal with straight circuit investigation.

Table of Contents

Chapter No  1. Basic Concepts
Chapter No  2. Basic Laws
Chapter No  3. Methods of Analysis
Chapter No  4. Circuit Theorems
Chapter No  5. Operational Amplifiers
Chapter No  6. Capacitors of Inductors
Chapter No  7. First-Order Circuits
Chapter No  8. Second-Order Circuits AC Circuits
Chapter No  9. Sinusoids and Phasors
Chapter No  10. Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis
Chapter No  11. AC Power Analysis
Chapter No  12. Three-Phase Circuits
Chapter No  13. Magnetically Coupled Circuits
Chapter No  14. Frequency Response