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This book is about gadgets regularly called sensors. The innovation of a chip has brought very refined instruments into our regular day to day existence. Various modernized apparatuses, of which microchips are vital parts, wash garments and get ready espresso, play music, protect homes, and control room temperature. Sensors are fundamental parts in any gadget that uses an advanced flag processor. The processor is a gadget that controls double codes for the most part spoke to by electric signs. However, we live in a simple world, where such gadgets work among objects that are generally not advanced. Additionally, this world is for the most part not electrical (aside from the nuclear level). Advanced frameworks, however mind boggling and savvy they may be, must get data from the outside world. Sensors are the interface gadgets between different physical esteems and electronic circuits that “see” just a dialect of moving electrical charges. At the end of the day, sensors are eyes, ears, and noses of silicon chips.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Data Acquisition
Chapter No 2 Sensor Characteristics
Chapter No 3 Physical Principles of Sensing
Chapter No 4 Optical Components of Sensors
Chapter No 5 Interface Electronic Circuits
Chapter No 6 Occupancy and Motion Detectors
Chapter No 8 Velocity and Acceleration
Chapter No 9 Force, Strain, and Tactile Sensors
Chapter No 10 Pressure Sensors
Chapter No 11 Flow Sensors
Chapter No 12 Acoustic Sensors
Chapter No 13 Humidity and Moisture Sensors
Chapter No 14 Light Detectors
Chapter No 15 Radiation Detector
Chapter No 16 Temperature Sensors
Chapter No 17 Chemical Sensors
Chapter No 18 Sensor Materials and Technologies

Handbook of Modern Sensors Physics, Designs, and Applications By Jacob Fraden