Download Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices By Hadis Morkoç

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This three-volume handbook represents the only comprehensive treatise on semiconductor and device fundamentals and technology under the overall umbrella of wide bandgap nitride semiconductors with comparison to GaAs when applicable. As it stands, the book is a reference book, a handbook, and a graduate text book all in one and would be beneficial to second-year graduate students majoring in semiconductor materials and devices, graduate research assistants conducting research in wide bandgap semiconductors, researchers and technologists, faculty members, program monitors, and managers. The philosophy of this endeavor is to present the material as much clearly and comprehensively as possible, so that there is very little need to refer to other sources to get a grasp of the subjects covered. Extreme effort has been expended to ensure that concepts and problems are treated starting with their fundamental basis so that the reader is not left hanging in thin air. Even though the treatise deals with GaN and related materials, the concepts and methods discussed are applicable to any semiconductor

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Metal Contacts to GaN and Processing

Chapter No 2 Determination of Impurity and Carrier Concentrations

Chapter No 3 Carrier Transport

Chapter No 4 The p–n Junction

Chapter No 5 Optical Processes in Semiconductors and Optical Properties of Nit-ride Semiconductors and Hetero structures

Handbook of Nitride Semiconductors and Devices Vol. 2: Electronic and Optical Processes in Nit-rides