Download Introduction To Electronics Fifth Edition By Earl D. Gates

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This fifth edition has the same objectives as the four previous editions, namely, to provide a text and reference book that summarizes in understandable terms those principles and techniques that are the basic tools of electronics. In keeping with current trends, increased emphasis is placed on the general techniques of electronics. During my teaching in public school I completed a study on what industry wanted from students graduating with a background in electronics. I found that industry valued students’ ability to do more than their ability to know. I found that industry wanted less time spent on teaching theory and more time spent on instructing hands-on applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Fundamentals of Electricity
Chapter 2 Current
Chapter 3 Voltage
Chapter 4 Resistance
Chapter 5 Ohm’s Law
Chapter 6 Electrical Measurements Meters
Chapter 7 Power
Chapter 8 DC Circuits
Chapter 9 Magnetism
Chapter 10 Inductance
Chapter 11 Capacitance
Chapter 12 Alternating Current
Chapter 13 AC Measurements
Chapter 14 Resistive AC Circuits
Chapter 15 Capacitive AC Circuits
Chapter 16 Inductive AC Circuits
Chapter 17 Resonance Circuits
Chapter 18 Transformers
Chapter 19 Semiconductor Fundamentals
Chapter 20 PN Junction Diodes