Download Mobile Communication Handbook Third Edition By Jerry D. Gibson

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With 26 altogether new and 5 widely modified parts out of the aggregate of 39, the Versatile Correspondences Handbook, Third Release shows an inside and out and a la mode outline of the full scope of remote and portable advancements that we depend on consistently. This incorporates, however isn’t restricted to, everything from computerized cell portable radio and developing individual correspondence frameworks to remote information and remote systems.

Table of Contents

Section I: Basic Principles

Chapter No 1 The Discrete Fourier Transform
Chapter No 2 Pulse Code Modulation
Chapter No 3 Baseband Signaling and Pulse Shaping,
Chapter No 4 Complex Envelope Representations for Modulated Signals, L
Chapter No 5 Modulation Methods, 
Chapter No 6 Error Control Coding
Chapter No 7 Information Theory
Chapter No 8 Rayleigh Fading Channels,
Chapter No 9 Channel Equalization,
Chapter No 10 Echo Cancellation
Chapter No 11 Synchronization of Communication Receivers, 
Chapter No 12 Pseudo noise Sequences, 
Chapter No 13 Introduction to Spread Spectrum Systems,
Chapter No 14Signal Space, 
Chapter No 15 Optimum Receivers, 
Chapter No 16 MIMO Systems for Diversity and Interference
Chapter No 18 High-Throughput MIMO Systems, 
Chapter No 19 Digital Communication System Performance
Chapter No 20 Fundamental Limitations on Increasing Data Rate in Wireless Systems, 
Chapter No 21 Interference and Its Impact on System Capacity,
Chapter No Cell Design Principles

Section II: Wireless Standards

Chapter No 22 Wireless Data,
Chapter No 23 Third-Generation Cellular Communications:
Chapter No 24 3GPP LTE/LTE-Advanced Radio Access Technologies, 
Chapter No 25 IEEE 802.16m Radio Access Technology, 
Chapter No 26 Land Mobile Radio and Professional Mobile Radio: Emergency First Responder Communications
Chapter No Digital Audio Broadcasting

Section III: Source Compression and Quality Assessment

Chapter No 27 Speech Coding for Wireless Communications, 
Chapter No 28 Video Compression
Chapter No 29 Machine Assessment of Speech Communication Quality, W.-Y. Chan and T.H. Falk

Section IV: Wireless Networks

Chapter No 30 Wireless Network Protocols
Chapter No 32 Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Communications, 
 Chapter No 32 Cooperative Communication Technologies, 
Chapter No 33 Cross-Layer Cooperative Communication in Wireless Networks,
Chapter No 34 Wireless Mesh Networks, 
Chapter No 35 IP Multimedia Subsystem: Analysis of Scalability and Integration
Chapter No 36 Cognitive Radio Networks, 

Section V: Emerging Applications

Chapter No 37 Vehicular Communications, 
Chapter No 38 60 GHz Wireless Communication,