Download Physics Of Semiconductor Devices By J. P. Colinge And C. A. Colinge

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This Textbook is intended for upper division undergraduate and graduate courses. As a prerequisite, it requires mathematics through differential equations, and modern physics where students are introduced to quantum mechanics. The different Chapters contain different levels of difficulty. The concepts introduced to the Reader are first presented in a simple way, often using comparisons to everyday-life experiences such as simple fluid mechanics. Then the concepts are explained in depth, without leaving mathematical developments to the Reader’s responsibility. It is up to the Instructor to decide to which depth he or she wishes to teach the physics of semiconductor devices.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Energy Band Theory

Chapter No 2 Theory of Electrical Conduction

Chapter No 3 Generation/Recombination Phenomena

Chapter No 4 The PN Junction Diode

Chapter No 5 Metal-semiconductor contacts

Chapter No 6 JFET and MESFET

Chapter No 7 The MOS Transistor

Chapter No 8 The Bipolar Transistor

Chapter No 9 Heterojunction Devices

Chapter No 10 Quantum-Effect Devices

Chapter No 11 Semiconductor Processing