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Semiconductor alloys provide a natural means of tuning the magnitude of the band-gap energy and other material properties so as to optimize and widen the application of semiconductor devices. Current research and development in semiconductor alloys is focused on areas of improved materials growth, development of unique materials characterization and suitable process technologies, fabrication of novel devices using artificially controlled materials structures and better understanding of degradation mechanisms in electronic and optoelectronic devices for improved device reliability.

Even though the basic semiconductor alloy concepts are understood at this time, the determination of some device parameters has been hampered by a lack of definite knowledge of many material parameters. The main purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive treatment of the materials aspects of group-IV, IIIVand IIVI semiconductor alloys used in various electronic and optoelectronic devices. The topics treated in this book include the structural, thermal, mechanical, lattice vibronic, electronic, optical and carrier transport properties of such semiconductor alloys. The book covers not only commonly known alloys (SiGe, AlGaAs, GaInPAs, ZnCdTe, etc.) but also new alloys, such as dilute-carbon alloys (CSiGe, CSiSn, etc.), IIIN alloys, dilute-nitride alloys (GaNAs, GaInNAs, etc.) and Mg- or Be-based IIVI semiconductor alloys.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Structural Properties

Chapter No 2 Thermal Properties

Chapter No 3 Elastic Properties

Chapter No 4 Lattice Dynamic Properties

Chapter No 5 Collective Effects and Some Response Characteristics 5

Chapter No 6 Energy-band Structure: Energy-band Gaps

Chapter No 7 Energy-band Structure: Effective Masses

Chapter No 8 Deformation Potentials

Chapter No 9 Hetero junction Band Offsets and Schottky Barrier Height

Chapter No 10 Optical Properties

Chapter No 11 Elasto-optic, Electro-optic and Nonlinear Optical Properties

Chapter No 12 Carrier Transport Properties

Properties of Semiconductor Alloys: Group-IV, III–V and II–VI Semiconductors By  Sadao Adachi