Download Solid State Electronic Devices Sixth Edition By Ben G. Streetman And Sanjay Kumar Banerjee

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This book is an introduction to semiconductor devices for undergraduate electrical engineers, other interested students, and practicing engineers and scientists whose understanding of modern electronics needs updating. The book is organized to bring students with a background in sophomore physics to a level of understanding which will allow them to read much of the current literature on new devices and applications.

Table of Contents

Chapter No 1 Crystal Properties And Growth Of Semiconductors

Chapter No 2 Atoms And Electrons

Chapter No 3 Energy Bands And Charge Carriers In Semiconductors 

Chapter No 4 Excess Carriers In Semiconductors

Chapter No 5 Junctions

Chapter No 6 Field-Effect Transistors

Chapter No 7 Bipolar Junction Transistors

Chapter No 8 Optoelectronic Devices

Chapter No 9 Integrated Circuits

Chapter No 10 High-Frequency And High-Power Devices