Download Solid-State Spectroscopy An Introduction Second Edition By Hans Kuzmany

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To write a second edition of a textbook is a very challenging enterprise for the author in many aspects. First of all it gives the chance to back up the content and the text from the previous edition with all the experience he has collected after the first edition was distributed and to include the full set of advices and recommendations he had received from colleagues and students. As important is the possibility to include new developments in the subject of the book. Solid-state spectroscopy was originally addressed to be most important for our understanding of the solid sate. This promise has been more than fulfilled as in the almost ten years after the publication of the first edition many important technical developments of analytical tools has lead to better or even new understanding of materials. Good examples of this progress are the rapid development of synchrotron radiation as an omnipresent light source, the increasing interest in spintronics which promoted the spectroscopy of spin systems or the new subject of transport or electron addition spectroscopy in nanostructures. These and many other subjects are now included in the textbook or were rephrased according to the most recent developments.

Table Of Contents

Chapter No 1 Introduction

Chapter No 2 Electromagnetic Radiation

Chapter No 3 Light Sources with General Application

Chapter No 4 Spectral Analysis of Light

Chapter No 5 Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation

Chapter No 6 The Dielectric Response Functions

Chapter No 7 Spectroscopy in the Visible and Near-Visible Spectral Range

Chapter No 8 Symmetry and Selection Rules

Chapter No 9 Light Scattering Spectroscopy

Chapter No 10 Infrared Spectroscopy

Chapter No 11 Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Chapter No 12 Ultraviolet and X-Ray Spectroscopy

Chapter No 13 Spectroscopy with γ Rays

Chapter No 14 Generalized Form of Response Functions

Chapter No 15 Spectroscopy with Electrons, Positrons and Muons

Chapter No 16 Spectroscopy of Mesoscopic and Nanoscopic Solids

Chapter No 17 Neutron Scattering

Chapter No 18 Spectroscopy with Atoms and Ions