Download The Art of Sound Reproduction By John Watkinson

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Sound reproduction has always been a challenging area in which to work owing to the large number of engineering and artistic disciplines it embraces. First class results require a working knowledge of these disciplines and it can be very rewarding when something goes well. On the other hand, lack of awareness in one or more areas can prove embarrassing. I spend a good deal of time teaching digital audio to a wide range of audiences. I have consistently found that there is no difficulty for those with a good understanding of analog techniques. Unfortunately, such an understanding is hard to come by. With certain exceptions very, few audio engineers have any formal training. Most have graduated from the university of life and whilst this suffices for practical tasks it is unlikely that any theoretical understanding will be gained in this way. The prevalence in the industry of old wives’ tales and the acceptance of exotic components of doubtful worth is an unfortunate consequence of that general lack of theoretical background. Knowing what to do but not why is no use in a changing world. The rate of change in audio technology has accelerated recently. The onward march of digital techniques first embraced production and then moved on to consumer devices and program delivery. The rapid change has made it difficult for those working in this field to keep up with the technology and even harder for those just setting out on a career. This book is designed to make life a little easier by providing all the theoretical background necessary to understand sound reproduction. There is also a good deal of practice. All specialist terms are defined as they occur. As the subject is interdisciplinary I have attempted to use both the musical and the physical term where possible.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Audio basics

Chapter 3 Sound and psychoacoustics

Chapter 4 Sources of sound

Chapter 5 Microphones

Chapter 6 Loudspeakers and headphones

Chapter 7 Stereophony

Chapter 8 Digital audio signals

Chapter 9 Analog audio recording

Chapter 10 Digital recording

Chapter 11 Optical disks in digital audio

Chapter 12 Audio editing

Chapter 13 Audio signal processing

Chapter 14 Sound quality considerations