Download The Communications Facility Design Handbook By Jerry C. Whitaker

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This handbook has been written to establish a foundation for designing, installing, operating, and maintaining audio, video, computer, and radio frequency systems and facilities. It describes the important steps required to take a project from basic design to installation and completion. This handbook examines the tasks and functions for which the system engineer will generally be responsible. It discusses steps required to complete complex projects. For smaller projects, these steps can be implemented easily and—in some cases—certain steps and documentation can be simplified or eliminated without compromising the success of the project. Although small projects can be completed by a single engineer, larger projects require the system engineer to work with many other people. The reader will realize that the structure of different organizations within companies varies greatly, as do the responsibilities of the individuals who make up the organization.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Electronics Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Modulation Systems
Chapter 3: Analog and Digital Circuits
Chapter 4: Systems Engineering
Chapter 5: Facility Construction Issues
Chapter 6: Wiring Practices
Chapter 7: System Reliability
Chapter 8: Safety Considerations
Chapter 9: Dictionary Chapter
10: Reference Data and Tables