Download Understanding Optical Communications By Harry J. R. Dutton

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This book presents a high level technical overview of the emerging technologies of fibre optical communications and optical networking. Written at the “technical conceptual” level it is intended as an introduction to the field for computer and data communication professionals. Discussion is descriptive and an effort has been made to keep the use of mathematics to a minimum. Although it is intended for professionals who already have some technical background, it is nevertheless relevant to anyone wishing to understand optical communication.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Optical Fiber
Chapter 3. Optical Sources
Chapter 4. Optical Detectors
Chapter 5. Optical Devices
Chapter 6. Fiber Manufacture, Cables and Connectors
Chapter 7. Optical Communication Systems
Chapter 8. Optical Link Connections in Electronic Networks
Chapter 9. Wavelength Division Multiplexing
Chapter 10. Lightwave Networks
Chapter 11. Fiber In The (Local) Loop – FITL