Download Wireless Communications And Networks Second Edition William Stallings

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This book is expected for a wide scope of perusers who will profit by a comprehension of remote interchanges and organizes, and the related advancements. This incorporates understudies and experts in the fields of information preparing and information interchanges, originators and implementers, and information correspondence and systems administration clients and directors. For the expert keen on this field, the book fills in as a fundamental reference volume and is appropriate for self-examine. As a reading material, it is reasonable for a propelled undergrad or graduate course. It covers the material in the CS332 Remote and Portable Figuring propelled course of the joint ACM/IEEE Registering Educational program 2001. The sections and parts of the book are adequately particular to give a lot of adaptability in the outline of courses

Table Of Contents

Chapter No Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter No 2. Transmission Fundamentals
Chapter No 3. Communication Networks.
Chapter No 4. Protocols and the TCP/IP Suite.
Chapter No 5. Antennas and Propagation.
Chapter No 6. Signal Encoding Techniques.
Chapter No 7. Spread Spectrum.
Chapter No 8. Coding and Error Control.
Chapter No 9. Satellite Communications.
Chapter No 10. Cellular Wireless Networks.
Chapter No 11. Cordless Systems and Wireless Local Loop.
Chapter No 12. Mobile IP and Wireless Access Protocol.
Chapter No 13. Wireless LAN Technology.
Chapter No 14. IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standard.
Chapter No 15. Bluetooth.