Fraser Anning: criticism of ‘final solution’ wording a bid to shut down debate – as it happened

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Just in case I have to fact-check Fraser Anning’s speech for anyone, Muslims have been in Australia since before federation.


There is evidence Muslims from south-east Asia traded with Indigenous people as far back as the 1600s.

If you want to talk nation building, their camel trains helped map out trading routes and then, actual train routes for this nation.

There has been a steady stream of migration from largely Muslim nations, since the 1800s, including from Lebanon, where Fraser Anning’s party leader Bob Katter’s family hails from.

Oh, and that is before we even consider that one of our largest trading partners, Indonesia, who are very, very fond of the products of our farmers, which Anning wants to support and protect, also happens to have the largest Muslim population in the world.

I could go on. I would hope though, that I really don’t have to. Because it has been debunked. So many times. And we still have a representative of this nation’s parliament, standing in your house, not only calling for a ban of all Muslim immigration, but a plebiscite on non-European migration, because Whitlam never asked you if it was OK.

And he did it while invoking the term, “the final solution”.

Last month marked the 77th anniversary since Nazi leader Hermann Goering gave the order to SS General Reinhard Heydrich to enact the “final solution”.

We all know how that ended. We all know what that phrase refers to. And it was just used in your parliament by someone who now claims that any sinister meaning taken from his use of that phrase is “simply ridiculous”.

If you are not up in arms about that, or demanding that your political representatives are up in arms about that, then that’s exactly the reason someone just stood in this building and used the language the Nazi party used to order the murder of millions of Jews, LGBTI people, migrants, and dissenters.

The standard you walk past is absolutely the standard you accept.

I’m going to end the blog here tonight. I’m too angry to even attempt to come up with a witty comment to finish today on. Instead, I will just say a very big thank you to everyone at Guardian Australia for their response to that speech, to all the readers who immediately condemned it, and hope that tomorrow is better. It’s all we can do.

Take care of you. And particularly, take care of all those who are continually made to feel like “the other” in their own country, those who are consistently targeted by the ignorant and the hateful for reasons I could never even begin to understand.

We should be better than that. I had hoped we were. I hope we will be.