The Walking DeadHeadlinesVideos THE WALKING DEAD Season 9 Casts LOVE SIMON Actress Cassady McClincy As A Key Comic Character

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We recently found out that acclaimed British actress Samantha Morton had been cast as new villain and Whisperer leader Alpha for the ninth season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and now we have word on who’ll be playing her daughter.

According to THR, Ozark and Love Simon actress Cassady McClincy has joined the zombie survival drama as Lydia. In the comics, this character plays a major role as the love interest of Carl Grimes, but obviously the show is going to have to go a different route now that he’s been killed off. Could she strike up a friendship/relationship with Edith instead, perhaps?

Other new additions include Brett Butler as “salt-of-the-earth Hilltop resident” Tammy Rose, John Finn as her blacksmith husband Earl, Rhys Coiro as “rebellious Savior who refuses to fall in line” Jed, and Zach McGowen as Justin, “a hostile Savior who isn’t interested in working together with other communities.”

The Walking Dead returns to our screens on October 7.