This biscuit is nice with a cup of tea

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This weekend, I’ll be mostly taking a look at Reigns: Kings & Queens for review and delving into Yoku’s Island Express after nabbing it yesterday for 40% off. This week’s Direct also got me reminiscing over Kirby’s Epic Yarn. I dared to dream it might one day be remastered, and – behold! – it’s coming… to 3DS. Looks like I’ll have to dust off the Wii for a blast.

I’ll also be heading outside(!) because the coming week is my chance to finally complete my Kanto Pokédex and put Pokémon Go to bed (the first 151 is my limit, okay). The three regional exclusives I’m missing are hatching from 7km eggs this week – the problem being they’re only found in gifts sent from friends! Come on, ol’ buddies, don’t let me down.