Underbite toofers

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So I started Forza Horizon 4 today (thank you game pass) and having never played a Forza Horizon before I feel a bit overwhelmed. So I hope you guys don’t mind the noob questions.

First off the game looks gorgeous. I am playing it on the original Xbox One and it does look great. Controller are good too and I like the options they have to make it accessible to a variety of players.

Now comes my questions. The big one what do I do??? I did two races then some guy talked to me about being a stunt driver and now when I look at my map I see the two races I did and this stuntman thing that says story. Is that all I can view on the map? Is there nothing else of interest or does stuff unlock as I explore? Can I even explore or do I have to go straight to that story mission thing? Also I keep getting a message saying I need X amount of something to go to Autumn. Where do I get these points?

Also do I get more cars?

Apologies for all the noob questions but as I said I feel a bit overwhelmed.