VENOM: First TV Spot Sees Carlton Drake On The Hunt For Eddie Brock’s Symbiote

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Venom is rapidly approaching and it’s going to be interesting seeing how Sony Pictures markets the movie over the next six weeks or so, especially as so many fans are sceptical about just how good the movie is going to be. Now, the first TV spot has been revealed and while it mostly consists of previously seen footage, there are some new shots in here, including Carlton Drake targeting poor Eddie Brock.


It’s interesting to hear Drake refer to the symbiote as “my creature” and seeing how those are portrayed in this movie is perhaps that most intriguing aspect of Venom given that we know a number of them will be showing up here, including Riot. There’s still no word on Carnage but common sense says he’ll be teased right at the very end, a risky move seeing as we don’t know if a sequel will happen.

Early box office projections are looking pretty good, though, so time will tell on that front. For now, Sony will want to get its Spider-Verse off to a good start, especially as there’s so much on the line…