Which One?

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PQube and developer Agate have revealed that their upcoming RPG/simulation hybrid Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story will release on Switch next month. Oh, and there’s a shiny new trailer for it, too.

Blending tactical RPG adventure and building simulation with combat and loot mechanics, this game plonks you into the shoes of a newly appointed school principal, with your new role centring around building and managing an academy to train the heroes, mages, and adventurers of tomorrow. You’ll also be in charge of the daily goings-on at the academy – do you tell a student off when they’re late for class, or make an exception? Will you only accept the best and brightest kids, or also give the less likely heroes a chance? It’s all up to you.

Either way, though, you’ll be helping them to develop into the greatest heroes they can be, guiding them through three core disciplines and six specialised sub-classes as seen in the image below.