Would You Pay $40 For XBOX ONE X As A Monthly Subscription?

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Tom Warren, a well known journalist for The Verge was quite active on twitter recently.
In one of his tweets he asked his followers if they were prepared to pay a monthly subscription for a brand new Xbox with 2 years subscription for xbox Game pass and Xbox Live.


“Imagine if Microsoft offered the Xbox One X + Xbox Live Gold + Xbox Game Pass for a monthly subscription over 24 months…”

Interestingly enough I have heard of a similar idea back in xbox 360 era but i guess MS didn’t introduce it in the end.

But how about now. Does it sound like a good idea to you?

Let’s explore this for a second:

Xbox One X costs $500 at retail. Xbox Live is $60 a year so $120 for a 2 years subscription. Xbox game Pass would be additional $240 on top of that for 24 months subscription.
Summing this up gives us $860. We also have to consider some additional costs as I don’t believe MS would risk giving anybody the consoles out without some extra protection.
So if you add some insurance costs we would end up with a $1000 that would have to be paid off to MS at the very end of the contract. Divide it by 24 months and you end up with $41.6 monthly subscription.
My calculations are totally speculative of course as I have no official info on this nor I claim that Microsoft is really planning to do this.
But the question is. Would you be interested in such subscription. in such scenario you wouldn’t have to dish out $500 for a console and subscriptions day one. You would just pay monthly fee instead.

One could argue that you could just go to a bank and take a load but maybe Microsoft would be able to drop the costs a bit.
Either way let me know if this is something you would consider subscribing to?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.